Charles Cashwell – Painter – Duluth, GA

Charles Cashwell attended Ringling School of Art & Design in Sarasota, Florida. After graduating, he started his career as an illustrator for text book publications houses but soon broke into the portrait world. He established himself in the Wallstreet community of Westchester, NY, working with several prestigious clients, such as the president of Morgan Stanley Financial and the vice president of Lehman Brothers.

In the last three years Charles Cashwell has decided to expand his works and offer more than just portraits to art enthusiasts. Following his long term passion for impressionism and rich color, Charles spent two years in Taos, New Mexico further developing his technique and showed in the John Strong Gallery of Santa Fe. He is currently located in Atlanta, where Charles is pursuing a modern impressionistic approach to landscapes and more.

He has previously been featured in the Earnest Gaspard showroom at ADAC of Atlanta.

His new found passion for Plein Air is earning him recognition & awards in the Southeast.

Charles Cashwell was born in Columbia, South Carolina on July 26, 1959.

His interest in art came at an early age and he recalls one experience when he was about 10 or 11 that served as his foray into the art world.

While running through a neighbor’s property, an artist, Cashwell had his first opportunity to see an art studio and was immediately fascinated. Self described as a shy child, not one to take up a conversation with strangers he was so drawn to this studio that he took it upon himself to knock on this strangers door and ask if she would give him art lessons. She said yes and Charles has never looked back.

Vase with Five Apples. Original oil Painting.      24″ x 18″. $1,200

Beach Baby. 14″ x 11″. Original Oil on Canvas. $500.

Gerber Flowers in Vase. 16″ x 20″. Original Oil Painting on Canvas. $695.

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