Bill Boyett

Wood. Gainesville, FL.

“I have a beautiful wooden box with a burrell wood top resting on the table in my foyer. Inside this prized pocession are my car keys. Well most of the time.” — Larry Smith


started life in Talladega, Alabama back in 1952 . After attending high school at Indian Springs School in Birmingham, Alabama I went to Vanderbilt University to acquire a civil engineering degree in 1974.The next seven years I served in the Navy’s Civil Engineering Corps visiting southern California; Diego Garcia, Indian Ocean; Korsaie, Micronesia; Tokyo, Japan and Jacksonville, Florida. The next 25 years were spent in construction management. Since 2000 I have had fun working alone in my 460 square foot shop.

I am a wood gleaner. From wood suppliers around the world, scrap piles, attics, old sailboats, garages and nature I glean wood. Every day is an uncharted journey in my wood shop.  With each piece I work to create the box that best incorporates the woods’ textures, grains and colors. The result is an eclectic, functional, yet occasionally whimsical array of creations. After several years I now create boxes that I can call my own. When people find my boxes pleasing to view and are drawn to pick up and feel them my work is a success.

The Blind Hawg Woodworks is a one-man operation. This is my shop. Nothing is pretty except the completed boxes.  I have over 100 types of woods stored away.  The woods come from Asia, Africa, North & South America, Australia, and my neighbor’s wood pile. Each box is a unique creation. All steps from selecting the wood to the final finish are performed by me. One patron described my boxes as “delicious”; I like that description. I have fun every day.

      Bill Boyette West Indies Mahogany 

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